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Stay on Top of Filtration!

If airflow is not sufficient it WILL damage the air conditioning system. It can decrease the lifespan of the system and can be an instant breakdown in some cases.One of the easiest ways to prevent AC repairs is to have the proper airflow and clean airflow. See the list below:
#1 HOW LONG? Know how long the filter of your choice lasts before needing to be changed. (Most cheap filters only last 1 month and most pleated filters last 3 months)

#2 DO IT. Just like an oil change your AC filter NEEDS to be changed so put it on your calender, iphone, organizer, just DO NOT FORGET!

#3 USE QUALITY. Invest in HIGH EFFICIENT electronic filters. Cheap filters allow a large amount of dust and dirt into your system reducing the efficiency and also straining the motor as the dirt starts accumulating it can burn out the motor. Cheap filter also let dirty air cycle into your home over and over. Pleated filters are better than the cheapos but they also put restriction on the system from the start. The best filtration is capable of allowing the maximum amount of airflow and the least amount of dust into the system or home keeping your system at top performance in efficiency and in the quality of air you are breathing.

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