3 Things YOU can do to prevent expensive AC Repairs Part 1

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What to check before you call for an AC repair

Sometimes your air conditioning system is fine when it doesn’t turn on because there is a lot more to an AC system when it’s not running than the air conditioner alone.

What to check before you spend money on an AC technician coming to your house:

#1 Check the breaker. Sounds like a no-brainer but it is possible that all that is wrong is a tripped breaker (if so you are lucky turn it back on). Go to the main breaker panel find the breaker labeled AC and turn it off then back on SOMETIMES THEY ARE TRIPPED BUT STILL LOOK ON.

#2 Check your thermostat. This one is for your sweet grandma that calls me out once a week to support my business and forgets how to use the thermostat. Step #1 Turn to cool.Step #2 Temperature has to be below room ftemperature. #3 If it still doesn’t work call Redding Heating & AC

#3 We said it the first time and I’ll say it the last time check your filter a very heavy layer of dirt can cause a breakdown and can be restored as simple as changing the filter and this is something YOU can do.

These are things YOU can do. What is recommended by the manufacturer is to have professional maintenance done every 6 months this will help you not spend money on high dollar AC repairs.

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