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Customer’s Air Conditioning Compressor was not working

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I received a call from a Redding resident and the first question was — “My Compressor is not working how much does it cost to replace the compressor?”

In the air conditioning world I have learned not to say prices with out looking at the problem for 2 BIG REASONS:

#1 It’s almost impossible to predict that the issue brought over the phone is the problem or the only problem and it is quite upsetting to tell someone the price is cheaper than it ends up being to get the AC running again.

#2 Home owners can end up spending more money than they need to by jumping to conclusions.

When this home owner called, first I asked if I could come look at the air conditioning unit for a $59 professional diagnostic that would be put toward the repair to accurately repair the air conditioning system. He agreed and I looked at the unit and with in 30 seconds I knew that he had a bad fan motor which caused the compressor to fail. The home owner was happy. He  agreed with me to replace the fan motor and the compressor worked properly with the new motor. I checked a week later and the AC is still running fine CASE CLOSED!!!

Bottom line is he saved anywhere from $1500-$2000 by not replacing the compressor.

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