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Split systems, wall heaters, package units, condensers, coils, air handlers, mini-Split/ductless units, furnaces, swamp coolers, duct systems/venting, heat-pumps, and more.

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Furnaces, swamp coolers, duct, condenser, wiring, condenser fan, mini-split, heating, package unit, capacitor, motor, thermostat, heating, fan, and more.

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Neglected maintenance of your HVAC unit, just like neglecting any other appliance or machinery in our homes, causes damages that need to be repaired. Read more.

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What makes Redding Heating & Air different?

Redding Heating and Air Conditioning provides the best service with integrity and excellence. Redding is one of the hottest places in California, and it can be a really cold place during the winter.

Where can you find a quality HVAC technician who can solve your heating air conditioning issues?
What is the most affordable air conditioning company with the skill to get the job done?

If you need service, WE WANT TO BE YOUR #1 Heating and Air Conditioning provider!

We understand the concerns that arise when mechanical breakdowns occur with HVAC systems, the problems with not maintaining your HVAC unit, and the needs to install a fresh unit. Redding Heating and Air Conditioning has technicians with over a decade of experience in the air conditioning industry and we are committed to serve the Redding and Shasta county areas.

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Redding Heating & Air is top rated among air conditioning repair and installation services in the Redding, CA area.

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