Air Conditioner Maintenance Services in Redding, CA

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Why do you need HVAC maintenance?

Neglecting maintenance of your HVAC unit, just like any other appliance or machine in our homes, can cause damage and even destroy a good AC system. There are 3 things we all don’t want:
  1. An unhealthy heating and cooling system
  2. An unsafe heating and cooling system, and/or
  3. An inefficient and costly heating or cooling system.
All three can be dangerous to your health and costly to your pocketbook. Most of the time we don’t know until it’s broken and it’s the hottest or coldest day of the year, and, unfortunately, this when most of your heating and air conditioning companies are at their busiest time.

Scheduling professional maintenance versus just changing the filter will make a world of difference.

The maintenance plan we offer will save you money, time, and unexpected break downs and if your system does fail there is same day service as well as discounted repairs when you have the plan.

There are people who call multiple times throughout the year, and if they were getting discounted rates they would save a large amount of money; it really is a sure fire way to take care of your heating and air system.

What are the benefits of regular maintenance?

  1. Improvements for Your HEALTH. Checking your indoor air quality is fresh and healthy.
  2. Enhancement of Your SAFETY. Checking installation and operation keeps you safe.
  3. Protection of Your BUDGET. Your System will be operating at maximum efficiency, which, in turn, will save you from an expensive electricity bill.

Heating & Air Conditioning System Maintenance in Redding

Our Maintenance Checklist

With our signature 20-Point health, safety, and effeciency checklist,  your HVAC system will be operating at maximum efficiency.

Indoor Unit Check

  1. Refrigerant pressure
  2. Compressor inspection
  3. Inspection of evaporative coils
  4. Start-up kit inspection
  5. Fan motor inspection
  6. Large capacitor inspection
  7. Electrical disconnect inspection
  8. Contact relay inspection
  9. Other electrical connections and component inspection
  10. Wash outdoor coil

Outdoor Unit Check

  1. Blower motor inspection
  2. Safety switch presence and inspection
  3. Blower capacitor inspection
  4. Inspection of evaporative coils
  5. Transformer inspection
  6. Circuit board inspection
  7. Air filtration inspection
  8. Condensation drain pan inspection
  9. Drain line cleanliness inspection
  10. Air quality inspection

Maintenance Plans

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