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installed package unit

Packaged units, as the name implies, are HVAC units that have the majority of its components in one single unit. Installed on the roof, they are great at heating and cooling large rooms and areas of your commercial business, are specifically designed to save energy with technology like variable speed motors (which will save you money), and they take up less space than split systems.

This is a unit that is ideal for buildings around the Redding, CA, area, where the temperature is extremely hot during the summer.

Here are the types of packaged units:

  • Packaged A/C Units
  • Packaged Gas Furnace & A/C Units
  • Packaged Hybrid Heat Units
  • Packaged Heat Pumps

Benefit Overview

Here are some of the many great benefits to having a packaged unit installed onto your building:

  1. They save you money by the low level of energy used, the low amount of maintenance and service needed.
  2. They save energy and are far above energy efficient standards.
  3. They increase the comfort level of your business by it’s ease of cooling and heating of large areas.
  4. They save space: By not having your unit on the ground, but on the roof.
  5. They’re safer from damage by being on the roof, which makes it easier for vandals and debris to harm.
  6. They have a quiet operation than other units.

Installation Services

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