Why air conditioning maintenance is a MUST! (3 of 3)

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Why air conditioning maintenance is a MUST!

We talked about air conditioning maintenance reducing the risk of breathing unhealthy air. In our second maintenance talk we we covered how air conditioning can produce hazards in your home. Now we are going to talk about your favorite subject-MONEY!!!!!
Air conditioning is the biggest hole in your utility pocket. The three main objectives Redding Heating & Air Conditioning  focuses on is to help home owners improve their systems operation in order to be healthy, safe, and efficient for you and your family. Those three (health,safety,budget) are connected closely. When your system is clean it is healthier to operate, also safer to operate, and has everything to do with the efficiency as well. On the other hand think about a dirty system. Inside your system it needs to take air from inside the home to put air into your home through what is called your (Return Air Duct). Your system has a blower motor and wheel constantly inhaling  so if the filter is dirty (very common), inside the unit gets restriction (very common), or if the return air duct is too small (very common) your utility bill suffer badly. The blower motor has to take a certain amount of air through the return air to put that amount back into the home so if that hole is clogged it is like trying to breathe air through a straw. Don’t let your AC system get the best of your budget.

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