Why Does the Air Conditioner Seem to Break When You Need it Most?

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Evaluate Your Air Conditioning System

We are talking about air conditioning systems in Redding, California where the temperatures can reach ridiculous highs. It is supposed to hit 106 this weekend (Father’s Day) and the last thing you want is your old air conditioner to breathe it’s last. Try to honestly answer the following questions: Is you air conditioning system over 10 years old? Has the “AC repair man” come over to repair the system time and time again? Has there been air conditioning maintenance done every six months like recommended? Does your air conditioning system cost you an arm and a leg just to run?


Depending on how you answer these questions will tell you if you have an air conditioning system that is a potential Father’s Day disaster. If your air conditioning is over 10 years old it is a potential for breakdown and if the system is under 10 years old it MUST have maintenance every 6 months as recommended (like changing the oil on your car) to prevent break down with costly repairs. If you answered yes to over 10 years old AND there has not been routine maintenance done for the air conditioning that is a HIGH RISK FACTOR for air conditioning repair in Redding CA. Air conditioning repairs can be costly if you have not had the repair man out the chances are you will soon with a system over 10 years with no maintenance. That last question is how much are you over paying on your utilities. If your air conditioning is over 10 years old with no maintenance and is creating high bills it may be time to consider the option of installing a NEW air conditioning system before you are making that decision on the hottest day of the year (air conditioning like people strain under extreme heat) on a day when all your friends and family are visiting. Don’t wait to find out for yourself the hard way call a professional air conditioning company in your area to evaluate your air conditioning system and plan to beat the heat.

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